Discover your Ideal Type of Business Card


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Your business must stand out in this day and age. It is absolutely crucial, and you want to make your business card as unique as you can. Long gone are the days when the paper card was impressive. Potential clients and customers will be impressed if you give them a business card with some spice. In other words, the type of material of the card will make a huge impression, even if it costs more than the old style cardboard. Below are some types of cards you can use.


Printing on plastic offers some pretty creative results. Clear or frosted business cards are very impressive. The majority of the techniques above can be used with your plastic card printing too.


Plenty of colored foils can be integrated into you business card design using a letterpress. This is usually expensive to do however it is very impressive.


A powder polymer gets spread across the sheet and the areas designated for print get baked and infused with specific ink colors. If you’ve ever seen a card with a raised shiny ink, it was probably a Thermography card.


Another product of the letterpress, Embossed business cards have an area of the card designated to have a 3D design or image stamped into the paper. Along with the foiled cards this method has produced some of the most elegant cards.


Business cards have been made entirely of aluminum, and you can also print on this material.

Spot UV

Spot UV involves designing a card that could be anywhere from 1 to Full color. However, it can isolate very specific areas to be coated with a shiny gloss UV. This is a unique card.

Custom PMS Ink

Choose from thousands of Pantone colors for consistent color throughout your stationary. When choosing custom PMS colors you ensure that the color of your brand stays the same going from print house to print house.


Business cards can be printed on any number of papers. Linen is a popular choice for our clients as its texture gives it a classy appearance.


Applied mainly to seal ink on the finished press sheets. Mostly used as a preservative.


Another type of paper that comes in many variations. Wove card stock is made up of tightly woven material that can have many different textures depending on you preference.

Metallic Ink

There are many colors to choose from when it comes to printing your cards using metallic ink. Use metallic ink to cover the background of your card or to highlight certain areas.

Quality Transparent Business Card Design Ideas


transparent business cards

You have likely noticed some transparent business cards before that were great. When people are talking about it, you tend to at first think of a completely see through card, without any writing. Sounds quite bland right? When you get all of your colours, copy, and information on to your card, it has a professional appearance. Another word that comes to mind when you see it which would be modern.

A modern business card design is absolutely paramount in some industries these days. How about anything to do with marketing, advertising, fashion, SEO, social media, etc. When you’ve got a bland and boring business card in any of these industries, you very likely will be thrown out in the trash. That’s not the greatest way to promote your business, especially with the huge range of competition you’re faced with today.

Transparent sounds like it’s just gonna be clear and see-through right? Not at all because you will have more options on a transparent business card, because of the ease of putting on complex designs and colours. You can tint the colour of the transparent cards in any way you want, as well as include any colour in the actual design of your text and images on it.

You can get tons of different sizes for your cards. Some of the companies that sell these transparent cards can also cut the plastic in different shapes, which could be good if you have an innovative idea in regards to your industry. The most typical size is the standard size used for other cards. However some may prefer to have them smaller to make them more unique.

If you’re in need of a new card design, then consider a transparent design. You will be impressed by the quality you get for the price, and you’ll immediately start impressing co-workers and potential clients.

What to Consider When Designing a Great Business Card


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As an entrepreneur, you must know that business card design can say a lot about your company or about you. There are many design examples, designs and layouts online for you to check and there is no shortage of well designed templates for you to buy online or get one that has been specifically designed for your business. Consider some finishes mentioned below with a reputable business card printer as well.

Here are some tips and factors on how to go about selecting the right card for you or your company and some features to think about. Your business card is a working tool for you and should help generate leads and potential clients, which means more profits for you.

The colour scheme is very important and you need to design a card that correctly reflects the nature of your business. There is no point having flashy and vibrant colours if you are in the banking industry. You may also have a design on your card such as stripes or squares and its all well and good but you need to get a colour scheme that is suitable. Some card designs draw attention to themselves using colours and the more colours you use, the more attention it will draw and you need to consider the aspect of inappropriate over attention.

If you have a small amount of design such as one which has been designed using a single colour logos and the use of large amounts of white space or single colour background area. That is thought of a fantastic way of giving your card a very stylish touch. Then your logo can be displayed on the front of a card and your contact details on the back to avoid design clutter. There are a large number of associated variants for this type of card design all of which serve to keep the design to a minimum.

If you have your logo or fonts embossed or raised above the card is a style of finish that gives a very premium effect to your card and elevates your status well. In embossed business cards, you can feel the raised effect as you trace your finger over the embossed part of the card.

When you add a QR code is an effective tool in this modern age that allows you to take a photo of the business card using a smartphone. The code in the image will then direct them to your website and serves as a great way to link between your business card and your online presence. Before you print a business card though with a QR code, it is worth considering if this tool is appropriate to your target audience.

Clear or transparent business cards are currently trending in advertising and media and they are made of plastic or acrylic and are much more durable than ordinary business cards that are paper based.

Die cut or unusually shaped business cards are custom made and tend to impress your clients more than standard rectangular cards. Be careful though because if the size is non standard, your they could end up in the bin as they don’t fit into a standard business card holder or pocket.

Typefaces or fonts should be used intelligently as they can give the wrong or right impression. There are thousands to choose from and one of the most important aspects is to select one that is legible and not too designer of difficult to read.

What factors do you need to consider when making your business card? What are the options and what makes a card effective? is the card legible, original and simple? The design of your card may or may not prompt your recipient into calling you. Above all, your card must show your contact details as clearly as possible. The dimension of the card is important since if it does not fit inside a holder, it won’t be kept at all.

These are some things to consider when designing and printing your card. If in doubt, always consult with an experienced business card designer or business card printer who would be happy to advise you with the foresight of generating business from you. And we are here to answer all of your questions.

Creating Die Cut Business Cards


die cut cards

Many people will always go for an immediate fix when they will get their card designed and it will show because it won’t appear professional. This small paper tool which is a diecut card will be an asset to your advertising efforts. These diecut cards are a mainly cost effective and will help your company representation as well, increase business and networks. The main key here to have die cut business cards materials for printing, and to have them well designed and well made.

As these diecut card act as a direct reflection of your personality, you have to spare nothing in making your own die cut card materials for printing. Here you can find three good ideas which you can include when you need to improve your existing business card printing materials.

Normal black and rich black are the two types of black which you can use in printing of your die cut business card. As it is commonly known that CMYK colour space is used in the printing process and the different combination obtained from these four colours are used for creating different hues which can be used in your material.

Just know that 100% black ink and 0% others are used to compose normal black. These colors are usually used to improve the black text while printing. While rich black is composed by combining 100% black with 40% of other colours, it is mainly used when you would like to use the black in large spaces as rich black can keep hold of a shiny black look. On the other hand, it is not good to use rich black while you print the text. The die cut business card cutting services are important for creating immediate impact on your cards. These cards are also available in various colours and shapes.

Find Out Why Metal Business Cards are Worth the Investment



Metal Business Cards have been making some tremendous gains in popularity over recent years. Most are available in shades of silver and gold with spot color inks printed on top. Metal cards are often produced using aluminum, copper or stainless steel.

Metal business card printing companies offer custom options from the very basic which is one spot color printed on metal, to the extravagant intricate, custom die cuts and engraving.

Understand that the main things to consider when purchasing real metal cards are the thickness. For instance, 0.36mm is a common weight. Consider the materials, the price and the ability to customize your cards. Copper or stainless steel is recommended over a cheaper aluminum card. Prices are becoming more competitive each year. Custom options, including the ability to die cut frames and logos are a huge bonus. Most metal cards are already produced with safe rounded corners and dull edges since no one wants their cards to be potentially dangerous.

Some consumers may request a black, red or other colored background to be printed on their metal cards. This creates a more traditional card style while still maintaining the impressive look and feel of real metal.

Die cuts are typically achieved with photo chemical or laser etching. Amazing effects can be created by die cutting logos, frames and image silhouettes. Engraving can create show-stopping textures and shading that contrasts the shiny metallic look & feel of the rest of your card.

Metal business cards are pricey, however think of this. They are a priceless marketing tool. If you want to be generic, stick with your plain, boring, black and white business cards which will be forgotten in no time. If you want to be remembered, a real metal business card is well worth the investment.

What the Thickness of your Business Cards Should Be


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Choosing a suitable business card for your company in this market place may seem daunting. There are many color options, gloss options and the choice of card thickness as well.

How Thick Should your Business Cards be?

The most common card stocks available are 100lb cover, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt and 16pt. The 100lb cover is equal to an 11pt card stock. In fact, there are even heavier printed stocks available, such as 30mil PVC plastic and 30mil translates to a 30pt stock, which is an extremely can be a very heavy card.

Would you Rather Make your First Impression with a Flimsy, Disposable Card or a Thick, Durable Card?

Keep in mind that a thick business card will give the impression of longevity and strength. This represents your company which is a symbol of strength. You may also say that a flimsy card symbolizes a weak, impermanent or fly-by-night organization which is not the impression you want to make.

It is best to use a minimum 14pt stock or preferably a 16pt card stock. Not to mention the price difference between a cheap 100lb or 10pt stock and a much thicker 16pt stock is negligible, however the difference in feel and marketing value is huge.

However, 30mil plastic cards are also an amazing investment but are a more expensive. These extremely heavy, durable plastics offer the same thickness as a credit card and many similar options are available, such as magnetic stripes, barcoding, signature panels, variable data, scratch-offs with pin numbering, embossed sequential numbering and holographic foils. And many marketers are willing to justify the added expense for a truly impressive credit card thickness because they know it is an invaluable part for their business.

How to Make your Business Cards Unforgettable


Each time you hear someone say  ”Could I have one of your business cards?” you should be happy. A business card is an entrepreneur’s best friend, his or her most valuable marketing tool and an essential element to being memorable. The downside is, too many people have business cards that do not stand out. And that’s a shame, because a business card is more powerful than you realize.

It’s impossible to know this unless you actually have a card that is excellent. Therefore, this article will examine The four traits that make up a business card that you will never forget:

1. Standing Out

2. Stacking Up

3. Creative Enhancement

4. Implementation

How Does your Business Card Stand Out?

Separate your cards and examine their colours, their backgrounds and if they had pictures. You will find for instance that every card that had red on it will stand out. Cards with pictures will help you connect names and faces to the company, so having pictures is well worth it. Vertical cards stand out better than horizontal, and cards with black backgrounds stick out more than those with white backgrounds. What do your business cards look like and how can you improve them?

How Does Your Card Stack Up?

Think back to the last trade show, networking event, seminar, convention, social hour or association meeting you attended. How did people react to your business card? Did they compliment its design? Quickly shove it into their pocket? Show it to someone else? Rip it up? Whatever the response was, your card made some type of impression. However only the most creative, unique and memorable business cards make impressions that you will not forget. And those types of cards elicit excited reactions. You will be asked for more cards so they can pass it to their colleagues or friends.
Do not worry if whomever you pass the card to keeps in touch. He or she will have your information and may pass it onto someone who they know is looking for your services. You again want to make sure your card stands out!

Unique and Creative Ways to Enhance Your Card

Now you know how your card can stand out, you can make it stand out more by being extremely creative and here are 15 ways you can do that.

1. Size or Shape – Who says all cards need to be rectangular? There are squares, circles, ovals and triangles. Each shape made a connection to the brand, and each shape stood out better!

2. Chocolate Business Cards – By the way they do exist. Several companies have online catalogues for personalized chocolate cards. They may be expensive but they are good and very memorable.

3. Cartoons – Get a custom cartoon commissioned for the back of your card. It’s inexpensive, royalty free and absolutely unique to your business.

4. Trading Cards – If your company is team oriented, get trading cards with your “players” pictures and stats. Then encourage your customers and prospects to collect them all!

5. Table/Chart – Include a mortgage loan interest table or some staggering statistics on the back. These are helpful reminders for the mathematically challenged and effective methods to position yourself as a resource.

6. Pop-Ups – Just like kid’s books, some business cards can be printed as folded, pop-up cards. Talk about thinking out of the box!

7. Rubber Stamps – Buy 10 different customized rubber stamps for the backs of your cards. When someone asks for one just say “Pick a card, any card!”

8. Recipe – If you work in an industry connected to food, kitchens or homes; include one of your favorite recipes on the back!

9. Material – Use leather, blinking or brail business cards (yes, these actually exist too!)

10. Language – If your business requires international travel, consider offering multiple languages, or print the phonetic spelling of a difficult to pronounce name.


Once you’ve come up with the layout for your new, creative, unforgettable business card, there are only two things left to do is print them and hand them out. When you are looking for a business card printer, be sure that you find a reputable company to give you the best quality card they possibly can.

When to Know How Many Business Cards to Order


Today in business and networking there are so many different opinions about business card distribution. Many say give them out to everyone you meet, regardless of their level of career or type. Others say to give them out more strategically, only to qualified leads or potential customers that you’ve already spoken to. When it comes to ordering new business cards, the number you need obviously depends on which of these strategies you take on. Some people will get through thousands of cards in a few months, others will make a few hundred cards last several years.

There are some additional factors to consider when deciding how many business cards to order.

Are you likely to move in nearer future?

A move may indicate that a new landline number will be needed even if you don’t print your physical address on your cards. There is nothing more unprofessional than crossed out numbers on otherwise beautifully printed business cards, so order a smaller run of perhaps 200 cards to last you until your move.

How Often to you Update you Branding?

Many times those in the creative and design fields like to create new twists and fresh visuals for their brand and their business cards. They get tired of giving out the same old card after six months or so. In this case guesstimate how many cards you will give out in that time period and order just that number.

Are you anticipating to attain new qualifications in the next year?

If that is the case then you are likely to want to add those accreditations to your card, then it will make sense only to order enough cards to last until that time.

Do you go to many networking events?

If you routinely give out lots of business cards at networking events, then you will get through 500 cards in no time. In this case a larger order of 1000 or more cards makes sense, so that you don’t have to keep re-ordering more.

Do you do most of your work online?

If you mostly work and network online and give out only a few cards every now and then, even a small order of 500 cards might last you for years. In that case work smart with the contact info that you provide, so that it is less likely to go out of date. Leave off your physical address and landline and just give out email and web addresses and perhaps your business cellphone number. As long as your website is kept up to date with your contact info then your card will also remain current. Or find a business card printer who is happy to print short runs of cards and just order 200 at a time.

As a general rule, if you prefer not to keep tweaking your design, order enough cards to last you six months, or perhaps a year.

Why Business Card Printing Deals are Important to Your Company


Business cards are a fast and easy way to bring recognition to your brand and company. Regardless of you being an accountant, physician, a writer, a teacher, or anything else, you can market your services and skills and give people all of your main contact info. Absolute worst thing that can happen after meeting a potential client or during a meeting with a new partner is to run out of visiting cards and have to provide your company email and name on a scrap of paper. People will often throw something like this away without even realizing it. A sturdy business card, however, they will not. They will keep this, especially if it is of a peculiar size. The best size for your visiting card is something that is small but not something that can get lost under a car seat or throw under a stack of papers on a desk. Business cards need to be easily located and stand out whether through brand name, the colors printed on it, or a catching picture. All of these things can be created with a custom printing service.

Understand that your company must have visiting cards for every major employee. One of the best ways to ensure potential new clients have access to your contact information is through a professionally designed. With professional cards you can send a message that your company and your employees are worth looking into. You can use many different designs which feature your company name and brand as well as contact info.

With each new employee joining your team or for each promotion you will need to have some new business card printing services. By using online printing services you can find the best printing deals out there.

You you will be able to easily find deals on color printing, black and white printing, and business card printing with head shots. When you need custom business card printing rather than a traditional one, you cannot afford to mess up. This is why you need to look for the most professional printing services who will offer printing deals that save you and your company cash.

If you are just starting out then your company cannot afford heavy spending then you need to take advantage of printing deals. With its online printing deals and discount printing services all you have to do is to select the services which you are looking for, as well as how many you want, and where you are located and before you know it you will find a list of local business card printing deals that will save your company up to sixty percent. Regardless of your needs you can rely on business card printing services to meet them.

Business Card History


The definition of a business card is a small document with information on a certain company or individual. They are usually shared during formal introductions on meeting a friend, relative or partner. It is a card that typically includes the name of the giver, the company’s affiliation, the logo and the number of the company and the person. In most cases most cards are normally made of the ordinary black font. Today, modern business cards for professional purposes also include the email address of the card holder and the company together with the bank account and tax code.

Business cards have an incredible history which goes back to the 15th Century. They originated in China and it began being used as a visiting card. The visiting card was mainly used for calling purposes. It was used under very strict rules and regulations. In fact, it was termed as a social convention card, hence for only societal use.

Later on it was introduced in Europe at the 17th Century when King Louis XIV WAS the head governor. Within that century, the English men got a glimpse of it and decided to try using it for the purpose of business. At that time, there were no news papers and media services were non existent. The people at that time referred to it as a trade card.

It mostly contained the map of the trade place of the merchant. The ancient cards were printed by the aid of the letter press methods and wood cut. With time, the whole visiting and trading card issue passed away. The introduction of plastic material together with special paper made things easier in such a way that the massive production of the cards became less expensive. The cards have developed up to date and are still effective for use in the marketing strategy and will always be around, now you will find more plastic business cards rather than paper.