plastic business card micards

Your business must stand out in this day and age. It is absolutely crucial, and you want to make your business card as unique as you can. Long gone are the days when the paper card was impressive. Potential clients and customers will be impressed if you give them a business card with some spice. In other words, the type of material of the card will make a huge impression, even if it costs more than the old style cardboard. Below are some types of cards you can use.


Printing on plastic offers some pretty creative results. Clear or frosted business cards are very impressive. The majority of the techniques above can be used with your plastic card printing too.


Plenty of colored foils can be integrated into you business card design using a letterpress. This is usually expensive to do however it is very impressive.


A powder polymer gets spread across the sheet and the areas designated for print get baked and infused with specific ink colors. If you’ve ever seen a card with a raised shiny ink, it was probably a Thermography card.


Another product of the letterpress, Embossed business cards have an area of the card designated to have a 3D design or image stamped into the paper. Along with the foiled cards this method has produced some of the most elegant cards.


Business cards have been made entirely of aluminum, and you can also print on this material.

Spot UV

Spot UV involves designing a card that could be anywhere from 1 to Full color. However, it can isolate very specific areas to be coated with a shiny gloss UV. This is a unique card.

Custom PMS Ink

Choose from thousands of Pantone colors for consistent color throughout your stationary. When choosing custom PMS colors you ensure that the color of your brand stays the same going from print house to print house.


Business cards can be printed on any number of papers. Linen is a popular choice for our clients as its texture gives it a classy appearance.


Applied mainly to seal ink on the finished press sheets. Mostly used as a preservative.


Another type of paper that comes in many variations. Wove card stock is made up of tightly woven material that can have many different textures depending on you preference.

Metallic Ink

There are many colors to choose from when it comes to printing your cards using metallic ink. Use metallic ink to cover the background of your card or to highlight certain areas.