Each time you hear someone say  ”Could I have one of your business cards?” you should be happy. A business card is an entrepreneur’s best friend, his or her most valuable marketing tool and an essential element to being memorable. The downside is, too many people have business cards that do not stand out. And that’s a shame, because a business card is more powerful than you realize.

It’s impossible to know this unless you actually have a card that is excellent. Therefore, this article will examine The four traits that make up a business card that you will never forget:

1. Standing Out

2. Stacking Up

3. Creative Enhancement

4. Implementation

How Does your Business Card Stand Out?

Separate your cards and examine their colours, their backgrounds and if they had pictures. You will find for instance that every card that had red on it will stand out. Cards with pictures will help you connect names and faces to the company, so having pictures is well worth it. Vertical cards stand out better than horizontal, and cards with black backgrounds stick out more than those with white backgrounds. What do your business cards look like and how can you improve them?

How Does Your Card Stack Up?

Think back to the last trade show, networking event, seminar, convention, social hour or association meeting you attended. How did people react to your business card? Did they compliment its design? Quickly shove it into their pocket? Show it to someone else? Rip it up? Whatever the response was, your card made some type of impression. However only the most creative, unique and memorable business cards make impressions that you will not forget. And those types of cards elicit excited reactions. You will be asked for more cards so they can pass it to their colleagues or friends.
Do not worry if whomever you pass the card to keeps in touch. He or she will have your information and may pass it onto someone who they know is looking for your services. You again want to make sure your card stands out!

Unique and Creative Ways to Enhance Your Card

Now you know how your card can stand out, you can make it stand out more by being extremely creative and here are 15 ways you can do that.

1. Size or Shape – Who says all cards need to be rectangular? There are squares, circles, ovals and triangles. Each shape made a connection to the brand, and each shape stood out better!

2. Chocolate Business Cards – By the way they do exist. Several companies have online catalogues for personalized chocolate cards. They may be expensive but they are good and very memorable.

3. Cartoons – Get a custom cartoon commissioned for the back of your card. It’s inexpensive, royalty free and absolutely unique to your business.

4. Trading Cards – If your company is team oriented, get trading cards with your “players” pictures and stats. Then encourage your customers and prospects to collect them all!

5. Table/Chart – Include a mortgage loan interest table or some staggering statistics on the back. These are helpful reminders for the mathematically challenged and effective methods to position yourself as a resource.

6. Pop-Ups – Just like kid’s books, some business cards can be printed as folded, pop-up cards. Talk about thinking out of the box!

7. Rubber Stamps – Buy 10 different customized rubber stamps for the backs of your cards. When someone asks for one just say “Pick a card, any card!”

8. Recipe – If you work in an industry connected to food, kitchens or homes; include one of your favorite recipes on the back!

9. Material – Use leather, blinking or brail business cards (yes, these actually exist too!)

10. Language – If your business requires international travel, consider offering multiple languages, or print the phonetic spelling of a difficult to pronounce name.


Once you’ve come up with the layout for your new, creative, unforgettable business card, there are only two things left to do is print them and hand them out. When you are looking for a business card printer, be sure that you find a reputable company to give you the best quality card they possibly can.