transparent business cards

You have likely noticed some transparent business cards before that were great. When people are talking about it, you tend to at first think of a completely see through card, without any writing. Sounds quite bland right? When you get all of your colours, copy, and information on to your card, it has a professional appearance. Another word that comes to mind when you see it which would be modern.

A modern business card design is absolutely paramount in some industries these days. How about anything to do with marketing, advertising, fashion, SEO, social media, etc. When you’ve got a bland and boring business card in any of these industries, you very likely will be thrown out in the trash. That’s not the greatest way to promote your business, especially with the huge range of competition you’re faced with today.

Transparent sounds like it’s just gonna be clear and see-through right? Not at all because you will have more options on a transparent business card, because of the ease of putting on complex designs and colours. You can tint the colour of the transparent cards in any way you want, as well as include any colour in the actual design of your text and images on it.

You can get tons of different sizes for your cards. Some of the companies that sell these transparent cards can also cut the plastic in different shapes, which could be good if you have an innovative idea in regards to your industry. The most typical size is the standard size used for other cards. However some may prefer to have them smaller to make them more unique.

If you’re in need of a new card design, then consider a transparent design. You will be impressed by the quality you get for the price, and you’ll immediately start impressing co-workers and potential clients.