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Choosing a suitable business card for your company in this market place may seem daunting. There are many color options, gloss options and the choice of card thickness as well.

How Thick Should your Business Cards be?

The most common card stocks available are 100lb cover, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt and 16pt. The 100lb cover is equal to an 11pt card stock. In fact, there are even heavier printed stocks available, such as 30mil PVC plastic and 30mil translates to a 30pt stock, which is an extremely can be a very heavy card.

Would you Rather Make your First Impression with a Flimsy, Disposable Card or a Thick, Durable Card?

Keep in mind that a thick business card will give the impression of longevity and strength. This represents your company which is a symbol of strength. You may also say that a flimsy card symbolizes a weak, impermanent or fly-by-night organization which is not the impression you want to make.

It is best to use a minimum 14pt stock or preferably a 16pt card stock. Not to mention the price difference between a cheap 100lb or 10pt stock and a much thicker 16pt stock is negligible, however the difference in feel and marketing value is huge.

However, 30mil plastic cards are also an amazing investment but are a more expensive. These extremely heavy, durable plastics offer the same thickness as a credit card and many similar options are available, such as magnetic stripes, barcoding, signature panels, variable data, scratch-offs with pin numbering, embossed sequential numbering and holographic foils. And many marketers are willing to justify the added expense for a truly impressive credit card thickness because they know it is an invaluable part for their business.